Jun. 5th, 2014

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[Phibrizzo's youthful face looks sad and concerned. In reality, aside from the unsettling sensation of being watched when he's resting, he's having a great time. All the sadness and fear going around the enclosure are keeping him happily fed.

Part of blending, though, is not letting on that he's anything other than just as afraid and sad as everyone else here is.

Um...hi everyone. Since people died on that Draft, I thought I'd offer to do something. Just in case they don't come back.

[He looks apprehensive before continuing.]

I know how to do funeral rites and stuff. At least the ones from my world. Some of the magic I can cast draws power from the lord of death and the underworld, so...I kinda know a lot about death.

[It's an understatement, but he is for all intents and purposes a child rather than the lord of death and the underworld that he referred to.used to be.


[Sure enough, he's waiting there patiently. Luckily for anyone who might have been looking for him, the fountain is still there at the moment. He's sitting at its edge with his little legs swinging back and forth idly.]


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