Jul. 17th, 2014

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[Phibrizzo has a magical tome in his lap when he looks into his journal for this video broadcast. It's interesting, the things one can find in the library. He's learned a bit about magic in other worlds.]

Just curious, but how many people here practice magic, or come from a world where people use magic?

[This inquiring mind wants to know. Specifically, he wants to know who poses the most potential threat, but from an academic standpoint, he is sincerely interested as well. In that vein, he shares a little bit of information about his own world.]

There are more people who can't use it than those who can in my world, but it's still common enough for there to be a Sorcerer's Guild where magic is formally taught. A lot of people who can't use magic directly can still use magic objects made by a sorcerer.

[Including brass rackets. He'd like to get some of those here in Luceti and introduce the sport. The chaos and hilarity would be well worth it. But that's not the point of today's broadcast.]

I've also noticed there are a lot of people with powers here. If you have them, are there a lot of people who have them in your world? And if you don't have them, are there people in your world who do have them? I'm kind of curious if there's some kind of thing that makes people more likely to wind up here.


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