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(ooc: Blue = Phibrizzo & Purple = Xellos)

[Phibrizzo read over the Guide very carefully in his journal, and after finding Xellos was here as well, he went over it again and insisted that Xellos do the same. This world is quite different from the one that they came from. The substantial reduction in power is concerning, but what's utterly baffling is the way death works (or rather doesn't work) here. Being here is a punishment from the Lord of Nightmares, Phibrizzo is sure, and he's wondering if he's being tasked with fixing death in this little enclosure.

With his powers substantially reduced, even. Some aspects of them are at about half of what he's accustomed to, but his control over death and the afterlife has waned far more than that. He's taken care to read over everything carefully before finally turning on the video feed - and how strange is this little book?

When he flips it on, everyone will see a small dark haired boy of no more than eight years old, and a man with purple hair and his eyes shut in a cheerfully calm expression.

Hi Luceti! My name is Phibrizzo, and this is Xellos. He's a priest. Anyway...I'm curious. Is it true that people get resurrected here if they die? Back home, there's magic that can save a severely wounded person, or if you call on the power of Lord Hellmaster, there's other things you can do to keep a person from dying...but I've never heard of total resurrection. That's just a made-up story, right?

[It's likely not, but he's looking for confirmation from people who have actually died. He glances over at Xellos to see if Xellos has anything else he'd like to inquire about.]

[ There is a little wave from Xellos as he maintains his calm smile]

Hello everyone, as Phibrizzo mentioned, my name is Xellos. I am a bit curious myself about some of these filial spirits, how many people have actually met them and made some sort of connection? Any input would be greatly appreciated to either of our questions. I look forward to hearing from you!

[He gives a little nod to Phibrizzo and goes back to his laid back posture. If there was anything else to add, Phibrizzo would think of it]

Just one more thing!  Does anybody know why they put wings on everyone's backs?  It's kind of weird.

[More like Phibrizzo doesn't like the idea of having such a vulnerable point on his back, especially when his power is already reduced.  But he might as well inquire if there's some purpose to them.]

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